Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kaput x Kaid Ashton x Vancouver

Had the pleasure to hook up with one of my all time favourite graffiti artists in Vancouver. Kaput is always on the next level as far as creativity and innovative styles and that stayed true during this collaboration. 

The photo was taken in Los Angeles of a woman who just won her fight against breast cancer. Her bright and outgoing personality was matched with the vibrant colours that Kaput used to make her stand out and have a lasting impact on the viewer.

Check out Kaput's work here:

Attention to Detail!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Door Collage

Limited edition prints of 100 available now. 
The doors are from 15 different countries around the world and from over 20 different cities.
30 x 40
$150 Each with shipping included
A portion of the proceeds goes to the homeschool project 
Send me an email if you are interested,
Thanks for the support!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Manila: The Garbage Dump Cemetery

Following these flags through the maze of streets in Manila leads to a cemetery that is surrounded by a garbage dump and is home to hundreds of people. 

Practicing the MJ fadeaway. Joined the boys for a game of ball. Had to be careful of the fresh garbage that defined the out of bounds are to the court. It also helped me establish a friendship with a guy who promised to give the full tour of this place. 

I was warned about this guy; local stick up dude who is pretty notorious round these parts.  And if the eyes are any indicator, sobriety at 10 am is of no real importance. 

Rows of tombs

Overview of the cemetery with the dump to the left.

Shout out to the locals who helped me paste a photo up on the wall. 

A huge thanks to my tour guide an local butcher. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ewok MSK X Kaid Ashton x Los Angeles

I had the pleasure of hooking up with graffiti heavyweight Ewok MSK down in Los Angeles. An afternoon collaboration in Hollywood lasted several hours and here it is...


Photos taken in Teknaf and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Signing autographs for the spectators