Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Women: Strong and Confident 3/3

Here is the final set of pics from the series. Thanks to everyone who has helped out along the way. This set like the other 2 is dedicated to my mom. Thank you for everything!

Here is the full series of pics.

Original Photograph: Inle Lake, Burma
Pasted Photo: Sheung Wan

This farmer takes a break from her long hours in the fields to pose for a photograph. Her
gentle gaze hides the intensity that burns inside her that drives her to work hard to give her
family a better life. She works long, laborious hours in the fields just for her family to eat.
Many Burmese hope one day that their children will no longer have to deal with the
murderous Junta that has ruled Burma for decades.
这个农妇为拍照小息片刻。 她温柔的目光掩盖了她 那为了养家糊口的紧迫感。 她每天用辛勤的劳动来换取家人的食物。许多缅甸希望有一天,他们的孩子将不再在几十年来统治缅甸的煞气腾腾的军政府脚下苟且偷生。


Original Photo: Sapa, Vietnam
Pasted Photo: Sai Ying Pun

This woman spends her days taking care of her daughter while managing the families plot
of land high up on the mountain terraces of Northern Vietnam. She keeps her daughter
close by to teach her what her mother taught her; how to tend to the crops and ensure that
her family is well fed and is able to make enough money to survive.

Original Photograph: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Pasted Photo: SOHO

A bright and explosive smile reveals the joy of the daily catch off of Cijin Island, Kaohsiung.
In an industry that is mostly dominated by males, this woman shows off her fishing skills as
well as her welcoming personality.

Like the photo and asked for a photo to be taken of her and pasted in a different country

Scouted this location a few months back and really wanted to throw something up there.

Original Photograph: Havana, Cuba
Pasted Photo: Wah Fu
With a fresh load of food rations given to her from the Cuban government this single
mother of three works hard to provide food, education and a positive future for her children
to succeed.

Decided to hang around across the street in a housing project for some photos. It took maybe a half hour for security to get on the scene. It took them another half hour just to walk to the photograph. But in the end it was ripped off.

Original Photograph: Manila, Philippines
Pasted Photograph: Sheung Wan

As a Muslim living inside a Catholic dominated country with people who are very devoted
to their faith, it is difficult for one to remain strong and confident when the odds to succeed
are heavily set against you. Many Muslims are segregated into a single district in Manila.
This woman expressed her frustrations of being marginalized, but remained rather positive
about the outlook of her future in the Philippines.
作为一个生活在天主教国家的穆斯林, 被虔诚的天主教教徒们包围着, 成功的几率几乎是零。许多穆斯林都隔离在特定区域。 虽然被边缘化使这名妇女表示沮丧,但她仍相当积极地憧憬她在菲律宾的未来前景。
This series of photographs is dedicated to my mother who embodies many of the positive
traits these women display in the photographs.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hong Kong Density

Space is at a premium is an understatement in Hong Kong. One can find themselves engulfed by buildings with the only view of the sky being directly overtop their heads. These photos try and capture that feeling of how dense a city Hong Kong is. Needless to say a visit to the vast expanse of Saskatchewan is needed.

Tseung Kwan O

Hung Hom

Kowloon Bay

Tsing Yi

Cameras on the 44th floor

Po Lam

Kowloon City

Choi Hung

Yau TOng

Near Fo Tan

North Point


Hung Hom

Near Mong Kok

Tsing Yi

Tiu Keng Leng

Po Lam

Tsuen Wan West

Kwun Tong

Wan Chai

Ngau Tau Kok



Hung Hom

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Women: Strong and Confident 2/3

The second set in the series. This set is dedicated to my mom. Thank you for everything you have done for me and for encouraging my artistic adventures.

Original Photograph: Yangon, Burma

Pasted location: Kowloon City

At the age of 85, the tough years of living under one of the most repressive military juntas
in the world is revealed in the lines on her face. The lines on her face, the intensity of the
eyes and overall feel of the photograph hint at the life experience and wisdom that this
woman possesses.
生活在世界上最压抑的军政府的85 年来,艰苦的岁月在她脸上刻下了深深的痕迹。她脸上的线条,强有力的眼光和整体照片的感觉揭示了这个女人所拥有的经验和智慧。

Thought about putting this one up, but went with....

Original Photograph: Malaysia
照片取景: 马来西亚

Paste Location: Sheung Wan

Out of all the photographs in this series, this woman is the epitome of natural beauty.
While working her shop she was also looking after her two children. She was very friendly,
but it took a long time for her to feel comfortable enough for her to get a photograph taken
of herself. When I was finally able to take a photograph, I took a single shot and she was a
natural talent in front of the camera, producing this striking image.


Original Photo: Manila, Philippines

Pasted Location: Sheung Wan

As the day draws to a close this woman shows high spirits despite working over ten hours
separating garbage in one of Manila’s many garbage dumps that also functions as a home
for hundreds of people. Her outgoing personality and welcoming demeanor is something
quite common amongst Filipino women.

尽管工作了十几个小时,分离垃圾,这个女人仍然显示兴致很高。 这个垃圾场是马尼拉的许多垃圾场之一,同时也是数百人的家园。她开朗的性格和欢迎的言行举止在菲律宾妇女中相当普遍。

Original Photograph: Santa Marta, Colombia

Pasted Location: Lai Chi Kok

This mother and daughter take a quick break from the mid-afternoon heat to observe the
activity in the neighbourhood. Their body language and strong personalities is what drew
me to take a photograph of them. They are able to exhibit a tough exterior while still being
beautiful women.

这母女两在烈日下小息片刻,来观察附近的事物。 她们的坚韧性格从她们的肢体语言上表现了出来。在强硬的外表她们是美丽的女人。

Original Photograph: Esfahan, Iran

Pasted Location: Lok Fu

With many artists and their expressions being suppressed in Iran, this young woman
defies the authorities and continues to produce her art. Through this she is able to express
herself and the frustration she experiences as a woman living in Iran. Being strong and
confident is something that essential when trying to express yourself and your feelings

inside an oppressive regime.
在伊朗,许多艺术家被压制。但这个年轻女子违抗当局,继续制作她的艺术。她通过她的艺术来表达她作为一个女子,居住在伊朗所经历的挫折。当生活在一个受压迫的政权里,你想要试图表达自己的想法和你的感受, 坚韧的毅力和自信是必不可少的。