Thursday, March 31, 2011

Manila Polaroids 2

Nice guy, but he had to hide under the bucket with wood around the inside because the Chinese government could hear his thoughts. Talked in length about how he got a high powered individual in China into power and now he has to hide on the streets of Manila. Asked him if he needed anything and he just said someone to talk to.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Homeschool x 5 Cavite

Jonny offered me to come meet his extended family. They live about an hour and a half south of Manila in government housing projects. The projects are home to many families that have been moved from the railroad tracks in Manila and others who lost their settlements on the streets after a strong typhoon. The houses were a great idea, but along with the houses the government forgot to include jobs, so many people just scrape to get by. This was my second time there and they gave me a warm welcome to come and teach the children of the projects.

Many of the houses have been abandoned in search of jobs elsewhere

The kids were very excited to show off their swimming pool. I don't know if there was ever water in it

Fun Games

Take off your sandal and throw it at the empty can. I was able to capture a perfect shot by this young man. Check the can off the ground and the sandal behind it. Nice aim!!

Of course pool

Bingo with rocks

Saving the string from woven bags

The art lesson for the day, thanks to Adam and the parents for the extra support.

Great photo here from Adam. At the end of the lessons, I design envelopes for the kids to color and put their work in. With over 40 kids a lesson, it gets kinda hectic trying to produce that many envelopes at the same time. The girl on the right reactes to a parent trying to get ahead of her in line for the designs. Cooler heads prevailed and everyone left with an envelope.

Cavite Crew

Manila Polaroids

Here is the first set of Polaroids from the streets of Manila

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Homeschool x 4: Osmena (Wrong side of the tracks)

I followed the train tracks one day looking for places to put my photos. I came upon this place and right away I knew that I couldn't just paste a picture and not return to see these people again. This bridge is the roof for over 50 people. Somehow, someway they are all able to live in some of the most horrendous conditions I've seen. They were excited for me to post a photo and in return I came back and taught an art class.

Over 50 kids from under the bridge and across the train tracks showed up to participate. I was greatful for the parents help and the Spanish team that was in town for an art show who helped me with the day. I also thought that it might be a nice change to add something to the lessons, so along with writing their names I got them working on collages, too. It was really difficult to introduce the concept of sharing to these children. Growing up having little to no personal items the children were cautious to let the supplies out of their hands. At one point I glanced over and saw a kid lift up his shirt and add another pencil to his waistband that already held three. Can't really say I wouldn't do it any differently.

Anywhere was a place to draw. Train tracks, concrete patches and walls. The children did an amazing job of finding a creative space.

Including on a tire cemented in garbage.
Great song for the setting.

The only time the creativity stopped was for a quick break for the trains to roll through. Notice the metal guards on the windows.

A crowd gathered around this kid, John Carlo. He wants to be an architect. His pic is the next one on this post.
John Carlo just grabbed his paper and pencil and went to work. Here is the final product. WOW! A pic of the Spainiards, John Carlo and myself.

Prince Ren$

Prince Renz's mother, I think she was happier with the finished product than he was

There are tattoos, then there are tats. This my friend is a tat.