Monday, July 12, 2010

Esfahan to Tehran

This was shot on a rooftop overlooking Imam Square in Esfahan, everything was going smooth until I was discovered buy a local guy who called the cops. I guess people break into the businesses in the bazaar through the roofs. Some businesses have hundreds of year old carpets worth more than $10,000 in them. After running down the building I narrowly escaped into the bazaar, I was able to blend in to the crowd with my scruffy beard, Ukranian nose and tan. Iranian cops + Kaid = the opposite of good. Fact.

Had to get this one off the Internet. The cabbie was doing 120 in the city streets and I wasn't able to get the photo. Downtown Tehran. Take a close look.

Even men cant wear shorts in Iran, check out the mannequin with the aluminum foil around the legs to hide any "skin" that may be seen.