Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hong Kong: The Container Yards

The container yards are located on some of the most expensive real estate on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Along with having some of the best views of Hong Kong Island it also provides a very inspiring place to take photos. After visiting a couple of times on casual walks I have built a repoire with some of the workers. The larger yards still need to be snuck into and with electric fences and security guards everywhere, it is tough but I have included a few pictures from inside.

Bangladesh bound, enjoy the pics!

West Kowloon towering over the containers
Inside the massive secure yard. Blueberries from Chile, Oranges from Florida, Apples from Washington and Avocados from Mexico, it all comes through here along with almost anything the mind can think of.

Typical work attire (see next photo as well)
Sunglasses, check. Flip Flops, check. John Stockon circa 1989 shorts, got em too.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saskatchewan Skies to Guangzhou Smog

While in Guangzhou, I had four pictures that I had left over after my trip to Sri Lanka and thought that the skies, walls and environment of Guangzhou would be a drastic contrast to the shots of Saskatchewan. Here is 30 hours in Guangzhou.

The man in the uniform was dressed like an authority figure, but he just stood this same distance the entire time and watch me put up the photo. After it was pasted he gave me a nod and I gave him the thumbs up. Sometimes the language barrier works in your favour.

This dude had some style.

The pasting started out fine with a small crowd gathering to see what was going on, then army fatigues rolled onto the scene.

A little "discussion" broke out between the residents and this man. In the end the majority won and the guy in the blue is to thank for the picture being hung.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doors of Guangzhou

Venturing through the side streets of Guangzhou I was immediately drawn to the doors of the city. There is a such a variety of doors around the city, that each house is given a unique individualized feeling to it. Along with the doors, Guangzhou also happens to have the best freshly squeezed orange juice this side of the hemisphere and for less than a dollar its a win win.