Monday, July 12, 2010

Esfahan to Tehran

This was shot on a rooftop overlooking Imam Square in Esfahan, everything was going smooth until I was discovered buy a local guy who called the cops. I guess people break into the businesses in the bazaar through the roofs. Some businesses have hundreds of year old carpets worth more than $10,000 in them. After running down the building I narrowly escaped into the bazaar, I was able to blend in to the crowd with my scruffy beard, Ukranian nose and tan. Iranian cops + Kaid = the opposite of good. Fact.

Had to get this one off the Internet. The cabbie was doing 120 in the city streets and I wasn't able to get the photo. Downtown Tehran. Take a close look.

Even men cant wear shorts in Iran, check out the mannequin with the aluminum foil around the legs to hide any "skin" that may be seen.


  1. wow, some of the best stuff i have seen. Dodging the law in sketch countries... reminds me of my backpacking days :)

  2. I’m not just a Catholic, I’m also a Cathode-ray tube shining our love and light to everyone… God bless.