Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here are the next three months of my life (Or until my money runs out). This project is aimed at the children in Manila who either can't afford to go to school or are unable to attend school for whatever reason. The idea is that I go into the barrios and teach the children of these communities art. Eventually, the goal is to employ young Filipinos to go and teach art, breakdancing, reading and writing to the children. This will not only create jobs, but provide the children with strong role models who were raised in the same environments.

This is the first class that I taught. I stumbled on this massive billboard pasting up pictures. Under this billboard, there were over 12 families living there after they were displaced from their homes when the typhoon hit Manila last year.

The residents were very enthusiastic about helping me paste my photos on the walls, so in return I came back and taught an art class. It may not change their lives, but they had a hell of a good time and shower me with smiles and high 5's every time I return.

It was loud teaching beside a 12 lane highway and under an underpass, but it provided a creative location for the art.

Spaghetti Celebration

A lot of Justin Beiber fans in there. As a thank you, they did a dance routine to his hits.
Heres the finished envelopes with their work inside.

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  1. Hey Kaid, that's pretty aswesome! looks like you're having a great time and seeing some cool stuff. You intimidated at all by the barrios?