Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Photo For the Neighborhood

It is rare that I get a chance to see the pictures that I put up on a daily basis. This picture was an exception.The man who owns this print shop said I could put up a photo if I bought him 2 beers. I came back with 12 and he insisted on me drinking a few with him.

Over the next few weeks I frequented this location and was able to witness how the community reacted to the photograph, how it became an everyday part of people's lives and how it eventually began to blend in with everyone's daily routines.

The photograph was taken from a garbage dump south of Manila. I watched as the people frantically chased after a fresh load of garbage the minute it was dumped, hoping to find something that they could collect to try and make enough money to eat. The teenager that I photographed stood out because of his haunting eyes that seem to focus intensely on the camera and his white Kevin Garnett jersey that seemed to glow and stand out from the colorful piles of trash.

People in Poverty
The slums offer little to no hope for the children who are forced to grow up in them. This child collects anything that may be of value from the garbage that is sent from the city to this garbage dump located south of Manila. On an average day, this child will make around 90 pesos ($16 HKD, $2 USD)


Old and young passed by, many of them with a keen interest in what was going on.

This guy just couldn't really grasp the concept but was eager and enthusiastic to learn more about what was going on in the photograph.

Different days, different chairs.

I got bored of being inside during a typhoon day, so I went down the street, the guy asked if I had another one I could put up and here it is...

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