Monday, November 7, 2011

Women: Strong and Confident 1/3

I have been very fortunate to interact with and photograph women from around the globe that exude confidence, who are determined to succeed and possess natural beauty. On any given day the majority of the images we see of women are ones that have been digitally manipulated, "enhanced" and somewhere along the line that natural beauty is lost. With these photographs, I have tried to capture their confidence and natural beauty while showcasing their strong personalities.

This series is dedicated to my mother, who showed me what hard work really is and has always encouraged me to believe in myself and keep my spirit free.

Location: Mid Levels
Original Photograph: Los Angeles, USA
照片取景: 洛杉矶,美国
I met this woman while exploring the streets of downtown Los Angeles. She is a poet, an
entrepreneur and the minute I saw the image that I captured I was immediately drawn to
the strength and confidence that she exudes in this photograph. This is one of the photos
that best sums up what this project is all about.
当我在洛杉矶街头闲逛的时候于上了这位女士。 她是一个诗人,同时也是一个创业者。 当我看见她的那一刹那,她的坚强和自信吸引了我。这张照片最好的总结了这个“坚强与自信的巾帼”项目的精髓。

Photograph: 4/15

Location: Sheung Wan
Original Photo: Mandalay, Burma

This young woman manages a smile despite long hours of labour with little pay. She and
her teenage friends carry bricks on their heads in the sweltering heat of a mid-summer
Burmese day. They haul dozens of loads of bricks up four flights of stairs and she is still
able to pause and pose for a photograph.
即使劳动时间漫长而工钱微薄的一天,她仍旧微笑着。她和她的朋友们在酷热的太阳下,整天用头顶着搬运砖块。 在停下拍这张照片之前,她已顶着一大箩的砖块上了四层楼。

Photograph: 2/15

Location: SOHO
Original Photograph: New York City, USA

A graceful leap from a ballerina in the Lower East Side of Manhattan displays her
gracefulness and physical strength.

Photograph: 9/15

Location: Shek Tong Tsui

Original Photograph: Esfahan, Iran
With many artists and their expressions being suppressed in Iran, this young woman
defies the authorities and continues to produce her art. Through this she is able to express
herself and the frustration she experiences as a woman living in Iran. Being strong and
confident is something that essential when trying to express yourself and your feelings
inside an oppressive regime.
在伊朗,许多艺术家被压制。但这个年轻女子违抗当局,继续制作她的艺术。她通过她的艺术来表达她作为一个女子,居住在伊朗所经历的挫折。当生活在一个受压迫的政权里,你想要试图表达自己的想法和你的感受, 坚韧的毅力和自信是必不可少的。

Photograph: 13/15

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