Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Homeschool x 29: The Street Kids of EDSA x Kaid Ashton

Back to where it all started. A year and a half, 3 countries and 29 classes later, I found myself under the freeway beside one of  Manila's busiest roads back to where I taught the first class. The kids instantly remembered me and were very excited to get down on a collaboration together. I brought a face collage of photos, cut them up and let the kids do their thing to make frames for the photographs. We chose a blue wall beside the slum where they lived. This wall usually reeks like urine, has a boring faded blue exterior and needed some brightening up. The kids did an amazing job and made the photographs look fantastic with their bright colourful frames. 

Thanks to the Office of Culture and Design in Manila for the help and supplying the pizza. 

The kids got to pic the photograph they wanted and had creative freedom of the frames that they created.

Pizza lineup

The artists

Again thank you to all the parents for their help, but most of all to Olive who kept things in order even during the chaos of the pizza being handed out. Could not have done it without her!!!

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