Monday, March 25, 2013

Cairo City Streets

Covered in a permanent blanket of light brown dust, the streets of Cairo which are home to over 20 million people proved to be a chaotic mix of traffic, hawkers and noise. To find relief within this hot mess, I was able to discover the almost deserted city of the dead. These photos are a mixture of city streets and eerily calm alleyways.

The city of the dead at dawn.

Following the tracks through the city. A few individuals approached to warn me that this wasn't the friendliest of neighborhoods. But following train tracks is always an exciting way to explore a city and interact with the most fascinating characters. 

Behind Cairo's main bus terminal; oranges are stacked and arranged for distribution into the city's streets.

The city of the dead at high noon. Most of the dust, smog and other pollutants had cleared the air by this time and the vast expanse of dilapidated rooftops was in full effect. 

The end of the journey on the tracks. (Insert Artifacts, Wrong Side of Da Tracks here)

The beauty of the pyramids

The reality of the pyramids....

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