Monday, May 23, 2011

Walking Tour Highlights

The three day walking tour covered most of the off-the-beaten locations in Manila and gave me a great sense of what the city is like. Colorful chaos, outgoing people and a sense of desperation for the future are all combined to make Manila a bustling third world metropolis.

When you meet this guy on a walk, its going to be a good day. Big Pimpin

Got to love the fake grill made of plastic.

Funny how a split second can change the view of a person. 1 and


The kids were in a playful mood oblivious to the fact that their shanty town along the river will be torn down in a couple of weeks.

A mother helps style her daughter's hair while sitting on a tomb that is close to her house. This community lives inside a cemetery. More on that in the next couple of posts

This is actually the first picture of the walking tour. These guys lived under this bridge which they said provided protections from the harsh realities that many street children face each day in Manila. The water itself is filled with anything you can imagine plus a formidable scent, it stings the nostrils.

I bought them a meal after. At this point they said this was their first meal with any kind of meat in it for over a week. The guy in the hat was sporting a black eye from defending their home under the bridge from another group of kids looking for a place to live.

Kenneth and his wife

Dude was very high on glue, but his smile reveals that that glue took him to some good places.

Deconstructing cars by hand along the railroad tracks. They said they made 90-150 pesos a day. 2-4 dollars.

Of course no tour of Manila would be complete without a visit to Recto. Thanks to Auggie for helping me sneak onto this roof top with a view.

Despite the large knife in his hands, this man was rather pleasant.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing taking pictures in my country" This is how I was welcomed by this man along the train tracks in Tondo. Give me 10 minutes, a few jokes and a cold drink for him and we are laughing away. It took me a while to work up the courage for a photo, but in the end....

Young Hustlaz

Homes along the railway line

Now this is how you hop a fr8.... In style

Manila train yards

The old railway station. Just don't make buildings like this anymore.

This settlement was/is supposed to be demolished in a few weeks to make room for more apartments like the one in the background which looms over the community.

Thanks Migs, Auggie, Jojo, Jerik, Paulo, Tito Mel and Tita Yolee for everything!!!

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