Thursday, May 12, 2011

KST x Kaid Ashton

Here is a project that I did with the KST crew in Manila. The photographs were taken from a three day walking tour of the city. The tour allowed us to venture into unexplored parts and really gave us all a feel for the real Manila.

For the location, we chose a wall behind the Paco Projects. Thanks to Raymart and his crew for looking after us.

If you take a close look there are pipes sticking out of the walls. We had to be careful because every once and a while the people would flush their sinks or let water out and it would come shooting down from above. It was already challenging enough trying to manouver in sandals through the wet garbage let alone having to dodge an afternoon shower.

Kung FU, this stuff will put anyone over the top. On the list of ingredients on the back it has 0.4 grams of vehicle. Dont know what that means but it gets the job done.

It was great to see the younger Filipinos out in full force, getting inspired and having positive male role models to look up to. There isn't much hope in some of these places and the kids were fascinated by the work.

Raymart reppin the new haircut.

KST in action

They stayed for the entire day watched us and made sure we were safe in the projects.




The finished product

The whole crew

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