Thursday, June 9, 2011

Homeschool x 14: Blummentritt

So, here it is the 14th class. Just to clear up some air, some people have emailed me telling me what a great job this project is and how wonderful it is that the government got involved.....Hold the phone.

This project wouldn't be possible without a wonderful bunch of people. From people who have donated their time, to those who have given funds and followed the project with suggestions and supportive emails it is all very much appreciated and has helped to make this possible. But no where along the line has any government helped out. The last few times I applied for grants, I pitched ideas that were on a much smaller scale and they were not approved because in their words, "My ideas were too big".

So here's to big ideas and people with big hearts. Thanks to everyone who has helped along the way!

And thanks to Migs, Auggie, Jojo, and Tito Mel for their help with class.

Here is the neighborhood of Blummentritt, home to a fresh foods market that includes fruit, vegetables and meats. By noon on a hot day the smell can be overpowering.

This is the place where the cats are afraid to chase the rats cause they are so big.

The local highschool gymnasium was closed in order to create stalls for the food, so the kids have little resources or outlets to express themselves physically or creatively.

This girls mother came up to me after the class and said: "Wow, I had no idea that my daughter had this talent, I will make sure to encourage her to continue art in the future". Made my day.

This hat has a pull down visor and built in fan.

The crew with some inspiration work behind them from Darko, Okto and Ekis of the KST crew.

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