Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homeschool x 16: The Garbage Dump

Located an hour north of Manila is the Valenzuala garbage dump. The majority of the trash is plastic and various electronic parts.

Walking through the trash, this kid tries to fill his bags with old electronic parts that are then sold by the kilogram. On a typical day, he makes 100 pesos or about 2 dollars.

The view from the back of the dump.

This is a work station for the dismantling of different kinds of electronics. The small umbrella is the only shelter from the scorching sun.

Apparently there is a gym at the dump. Arnold here, didn't mind a photo.

These kids used the soft surface of the discarded plastic as their landing pad for their gymnastics routine. They pulled off some amazing tricks and were happy to show off their moves to the crowd.

She told me to tell everyone I knew in Canada, that she is looking for a Canadian husband. Hit me up if your interested.

Jojo introducing the crew to kick off the class.

The space indoors was too packed and incredibly hot, so some of the kids found places in the dump to create their works.

The crew serving homemade soup. Kids loved it. Thanks to Chef Tita Yoli!


  1. I was on my way home from Sham Shui Po tonight, and your photo 23/30 caught my eye. It's rare to see an image like that posted in public in Hong Kong. :)

    It's my mission to find the others. But maybe you could give me a clue. How widely did you paste these pictures? Was it just in that one district of Sham Shui Po or all over Hong Kong?

    Anyway, great photos.

  2. Hey, just put up a bunch last night in Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tai. They are all over the city though. I will be posting more soon. Keep your eyes peeled.