Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beijing Hutong

There were a few pictures left over from my project so I decided to go and visit a neighbourhood in the South of Beijing. There is a hutong around there that doesn' t see many visitors and gave me a sense of what I could imagine the city used to be like. The residents were very welcoming and seemed to be genuinely interested in the pictures.

I asked them if they would like a picture on their wall. They said yes very quickly, and in return they explained that I had to help them with a project they were in the middle of. I agreed.

LA to Beijing

The help they wanted was to tar their roof and lay tiles down. I was happy to see that the job was almost complete cause it was +34 and there were no clouds in sight.

Original Photo: Jamaica

I thought that the wood provided a complimentary background for the photo so I asked this man if I could put a one on his wall. He liked the photo but wanted to see what it looked like hung up on the wall first.

Original Photo: Esfahan, Iran

When I began putting this photo up I knew there was 2 or 3 people hanging around. To my surprise, I turned around to see a crowd gathered, wondering what was going on...

Original Photo: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I noticed the sign directing me to the police station, I was curious of what they thought so I ventured in that direction. I asked them if I could put up a photo and they said, why not. I asked anywhere, they responded with a shrug of the shoulders. So, I put it here. We had a good laugh then they told that would probably not be the best idea.

Chose here instead... Original Photo: Canada

Original Photo: Esfahan, Iran

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