Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beijing x Paste

I had the opportunity to return to Beijing to paste up my photos and explore the city by bicycle. Thanks to Moxley for the hook up and for taking the action shots.

I was both curious and nervous on how the people of Beijing would interpret my work and react to it on the walls of the city. For the most part the people were very interested in it, curious about where the picture was taken, but also a bit confused about the whole concept. All in all it was an exhausting and very rewarding week in the capital of China. Hu Jintao and his boys let me do my thing with little to no interference and here is the result.....

He was very interested in how this photograph could be stuck to the surface and the type of adhesive used.

The forests of Saskatchewan to Beijing's industrial parks.

On the way to the Great Wall. Had to pull over to get something on this spot. Also had to use the vertical leap to get up there.

I thought it turned out quite well and looks like an advertisment of some sort.
Had a whole team of people interested in helping out on this one...

Shout out for all the help!

This picture was very large, it came in 3 strips and I didn't really grasp how large it actually was until I got to the wall. I quickly realized that I needed a ladder, but no one in the neighbourhood had one. Had to rely on the trusty 10 speed which wasn't as sturdy, but eventually got the job done.

The neighbourhood was a buzz with the action.
Quite the audience for an old sleepy village.

I contemplated putting a picture up on the wall, but quickly realized that it probably wouldn't go over well with anyone, so I decided to do something close to the wall and capture my image with the wall at the same time.

Thanks to this guy for hooking me up with a blank metal canvas to put the picture on.

Abu Dhabi to Beijing

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