Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Buriganga River (The Black River)

The Buriganga River is located in the heart of Old Dhaka and its distinct black water can be smelt for quite some distance. The water is a result of a city of 20 million people using it as their dumping grounds. The majority of the city's rubbish, chemicals, and waste ends up in these waters. With lack of housing and general space being a serious problem in Dhaka, the river is also home to thousands of people. 

Small tent like structures are dotted under the bridges in the city and many of the men who work the waters also reside there. 

The river is teeming with activity. The main ferry terminal is filled with various goods ready to be imported and exported out of Dhaka to the rest of the country.

It cost 100 Taka or $1 to hire a man to take you across the river.

With so many people living along the river and using it for their everyday needs space was at a premium. The residents use this space to hang the clothes that have just been "washed" in the black river.

Just like the roads, the rivers are congested, with no real rules as to who has the right of way. The most aggressive usually gets there the quickest. 

The main ferry terminal.

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