Sunday, April 29, 2012

Homeschool x 27: Dhaka's Tenement Buildings

Wandering through old Old Dhaka I discovered these tenement buildings and decided to venture further inside. After walking through a maze of corrugated buildings I stumbled upon  a school with a student population of 1,200. There isn't enough space inside the school for everyone to attend at one time, so students are designated a morning position or one in the afternoon.

The front gates of the school. 

It was at least 35 degrees outside and inside 120 + students crammed the inside of the classroom, packed the hallways and peered through windows at a glimpse of the lesson. 

 The head teacher showing the kids his skills. 

I wasn't able to capture many photos due to the cramped classroom and the feverish pitch within the school. After an hour and a half of teaching, feeding and "autographing" everyones paper, I was ready to hit the streets of Dhaka, which somehow seemed less chaotic. 

Very cool drawing here.

The principal 

The other classrooms were much calmer.

The vice principal.


  1. threw up a kaid dedication in sheung wan.

    around 270 queens road is a wellcome with an alley next to it. follow that alley, up the stairs.

    peace and rice!

  2. Tried to find this today. Can you give me more specifics?