Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Homeschool x 2 Roxas Blvd

Roxas Blvd, stretches the length of Manila. I stumbled across this section while walking through the streets one day. I decided to stop and play a game of
basketball with the kids. After the game, I asked if it was cool if I went behind the corrugated fence. They said no, but I gave it a cautious peek, venturing a bit further
into the slum as people said hi. Eventually I met a man named Johnny who drives a taxi. (More on his family on a later post) Since that initial encounter two months ago,
I have been able to return to the slum numerous times and teach the children some art classes.

Roxas Blvd with Al, but insists on being called Al Pacino.

An overview of the slum, even when this class was happening, people from outside the corrugated fence would enter looking for shaboo, or meth.

A tire, a rock, broken tables and walls, these kids used anything and everything to get their ideas down on paper.

Shout out to the parents who helped!

Twinkle killin it on paper!

Such a cool character!

My man Johnny told me to expect 27 kids. By the end 47 showed up and participated throughout the day. Good times.
The Roxas Blvd Tropa (crew)

Pizza Dash. A friend asked why not feed them something healthy. Good point, but until farmers or supermarekts donate fresh food, I am gonna have

to stick with free pizza donated by stores around Metro Manila.

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  1. Keep it up, my friend! You are doing such good work!