Saturday, March 19, 2011

Homeschool x 3 Tondo

Tondo. The kids were quite excited as were the parents about the days festivities. Over 50 kids showed up to draw and hang out. For a while I forgot that this was the same place that 10,000 pesos (200 dollars) can have someone murdered. But I was given a harsh reminder as I left. 4 kids none of them older than 15 were walking with a purpose in the opposite direction. The kid in the front lifted his shirt up and pulled out an 8 inch blade. I was glad to be in the vehicle by then. But Im also glad that the kids were able to forgot about all that stuff for a couple of hours and just be kids.

High 5's all around

Helping the kids decorate their envelopes. Huge shout out to the parents that helped with the 50 + kids that showed up throughout the afternoon

Tondo Tropa

The local hustler$

There was one pizza left over and a fight literally broke out over the pizza. So we had to play a game to see which of the boys got a slice.

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