Thursday, March 10, 2011


Nestled between a major highway and train tracks lies the Paco Housing Projects. I stumbled upon these while walking the tracks exploring the city. At first it was quite intimidating being alone trying to feel out the situation to see if I could hang out and meet the people without being robbed. After a bball game full of elbows, my team held their own and I was now called Nash. So, I returned to put up pics. This weekend I will once again return to teach the children.

This is Raymart, he runs show here. Since the first time I came he has given me a couple of names, from Kaid to Nash to Kuya Kaid which basically means older brother.

From Compton to Manila
Here are the bball courts, they have since painted the courts, but lost their ball over the mesh and into the traffic. I have a ball for them after the art class and am ready for a rematch.

From Langham to Manila

Kaid Ashton: bringing families together.

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  1. Every time you post something I am so eager to see and read about what you're doing. When I'm scrolling through this, and all your other posts, I'm overcome with an indescribable feeling - I guess it's inspiration, maybe a bit of pride that someone I know makes efforts like this to do something so simply, quietly powerful, and definitely lots of hope.

    You make me re-evaluate the impact that I make with my life and actions. I guess that's the best praise I can give you.

    Does Peter Purdue know about this work you're doing? Cause I'm pretty sure he'd be thrilled.