Saturday, July 9, 2011

Homeschool x 17: Down the Tracks

I discovered this community one night while biking around the neighbourhood. It was relatively quiet at night, but during the day this place is crackin. People are everywhere, going about their daily routines as trains rush passed, children play along the tracks s and many people pass the time by playing cards and staying out of the scorching heat.

The local watering hole. This area was lined up for people to use one of the only sources of drinkable water in the community.

This guy.....He won 200 pesos, or 4 dollars which is a good days worth of work for most people in the community. He won the money for drinking the most GSM Blue which is a local Gin. This is the same gin that can also strip paint off a car. This pic was taken around 1 in the afternoon.
Action in the community comes to a brief halt to make room for a passing train.

M0ther and Son in their home, which is a shared cot and some fans set 5 feet from the tracks.

Like many communities in Manila, this one was comprised of large families and a lot of young mothers.

A quick set of instructions and the class is eager to get their ideas down on paper.

Not enough seats for everyone so many kids improvised a place to draw.

A proud grandmother is eager to display the drawing of her grandchild.

The finished product in front of the Barangay Hall. Thanks Migs, Jojo and Tito Mel.

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