Saturday, August 6, 2011

Homeschool x 20: The Slaughter House

My goal was 20 classes and it took a lot of time and effort, but here it is, the 20th class. I could not have done this without the help and support of so many people. I thank each and every person who volunteered, contributed their time, money, emails, any form of support, it was truly a team effort. A special thanks to the office of culture and design who have supported and been there since the beginning.

I have since been back to Manila (Photos to come) and happy to announce that Jojo has continued teaching classes every weekend since June in this same neighbourhood in Tondo.

These are the apartment buildings where most of the kids lived. It is across from the slaughterhouse and is an ideal place considering that the slaughter house provides many jobs for the residents of this neighbourhood.
Tried to get into this entrance but it was flooded.

Had to use the main entrance. I found out that it wont be long until these buildings will be demolished and new high rises will take their place. Most of the residents I talked with didn't really have an idea where their future settlements would be.

Some of the residents of the neighbourhood.

Walked through to the backside, then decided to venture back into the building and to the top.

Rooftop. 8 floors up, no elevator.

View from the top. In the very background is the former garbage dump that is the notorious Smokey Mountain. The apartment buildings to the right is where I hung one of my first pictures in Manila on Dec.31st, 2010. It was in mint condition when I returned.

More makeshift houses constructed along the river.
Most of the rooms inside the building were actually boarded up or vacant, but some provided the perfect place to sleep off that afternoon liquor.

Lee, who has been helping Jojo teach the classes in Tondo started off the day with an English lesson for the kids.
Babies taking care of babies.

Some Bboys were in the class.

The slaughter house in the background.
Drinking boxes and...


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