Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homeschool x 22: Back to the Start

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to head back to where the first Homeschool class ever took place. It has been a quite the journey since that first class in January, but the kids here didn't forget about their experience and were very excited for another class.

Located on EDSA and South Super Highway, this community is made up of 10 families who live under a very large billboard. The children find room to play across the street on a narrow strip of concrete that is nestled between freeways and overpasses.

Her mother told me that she was quite proud of her daughter, who takes care of 10 children who live in the community.
She forgoes school so she can care for these children on a daily basis.

Manila's version of the Slip n' Slide

Snoop D-Oh-Double Gee. This dude was sippin on straight Gin, forget the juice here in Manila.

Luxury Living

From inside the slum; With poor drainage in most of the areas in Manila, stagnant water is found everywhere and is a breading ground for bacteria and mosquitos carrying Dengue Fever and other diseases.

Here are the examples of the shirts for the kids to be inspired by. Mine is the one on the far left. The kids really wanted to know who the talented child was who created it. Joke is on them and will be featured in Micheal Kors' Fall line.

Boom! John Axcell

On the shirt, she explains that she wants to be president of the Philippines.

Some got bored with the shirts and decided to paint themselves.

Thanks to The Office of Culture and Design and Team Manila for the alphabet posters.

Never too young...

Pizza Time!

The colorful crew, showing of their new tees.

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