Sunday, August 14, 2011

Homeschool x 21: Laguna

I was fortunate enough to get flown to Manila for 5 days (Shout out to the Office of Culture and Design). In that time I taught 3 classes. Here is the first one. Laguna is an area south of Manila and most of the residents here were moved here from the slums in Manila. The people here seemed a lot more satisfied with their lives than the people who lived in similar government housing in Cavite (Homeschool x 4) They took pride in their small patches of gardens that were located in front of their houses and even started a business making bags out of old magazines.

A few of the houses here were abandoned, but nothing like Cavite, where jobs were scarce and people needed to migrate to make an income.

The People

These are the magazines that are turned into bags. 1 pesos per bag.

I wanted to get a better view and really get an understanding of the scale of the place so I climbed to the top of the water tower to get a better vantage point.

Around 2,000 units are located here.

Class time

Carlo and his daughter helping out

Many thanks to the parents

Over a 100 kids, the lineup was out the door to get their envelopes done.

T.V. Interview

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