Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hong Kong: The Container Yards

The container yards are located on some of the most expensive real estate on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. Along with having some of the best views of Hong Kong Island it also provides a very inspiring place to take photos. After visiting a couple of times on casual walks I have built a repoire with some of the workers. The larger yards still need to be snuck into and with electric fences and security guards everywhere, it is tough but I have included a few pictures from inside.

Bangladesh bound, enjoy the pics!

West Kowloon towering over the containers
Inside the massive secure yard. Blueberries from Chile, Oranges from Florida, Apples from Washington and Avocados from Mexico, it all comes through here along with almost anything the mind can think of.

Typical work attire (see next photo as well)
Sunglasses, check. Flip Flops, check. John Stockon circa 1989 shorts, got em too.

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