Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saskatchewan Skies to Guangzhou Smog

While in Guangzhou, I had four pictures that I had left over after my trip to Sri Lanka and thought that the skies, walls and environment of Guangzhou would be a drastic contrast to the shots of Saskatchewan. Here is 30 hours in Guangzhou.

The man in the uniform was dressed like an authority figure, but he just stood this same distance the entire time and watch me put up the photo. After it was pasted he gave me a nod and I gave him the thumbs up. Sometimes the language barrier works in your favour.

This dude had some style.

The pasting started out fine with a small crowd gathering to see what was going on, then army fatigues rolled onto the scene.

A little "discussion" broke out between the residents and this man. In the end the majority won and the guy in the blue is to thank for the picture being hung.

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