Saturday, March 10, 2012

Homeschool x 26: The Refugee Camp

I stumbled upon this doorway on the streets of Jaffna. It looked interesting so I decided to explore further. Behind the door, the building opened up to a vast expanse of people living in squatter like conditions. The residents told me it was a place for internally displaced people, a place they could live after the fighting had finished.

This guy was like the gate keeper. I had to get passed him and his buddy on the stairs to be able to really see what it was like inside.

The rooftop of the building and the old black board made an ideal location to teach the class.

Inside the place this was the typical sized room for an entire family.

The shared kitchen.

Another bedroom.

Lots of colors and interesting designs.

Ihsan, helped me out a lot this class. His English was pretty good, but his crowd control was even better.

The Class.

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