Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guadalupe Manila

Took a break in teaching the kids to do a little pasting around town.
The area I targeted was mostly Guadalupe in Manila.
Shout out to Barry for the help during the day and the communities for giving me the green light to put my pictures up.

To get across to the wall I had to walk through garbage, feces, and other unidentifiable objects that smelled unpleasant, but it was worth it to get up on this spot.

Under this bridge lived somewhere between 50-100 people.
Many of them came out of their homes to watch the production unfold.

Thanks to this officer for the hand.

Along the train line, was a nervous walk to the middle.
Really didnt feel like landing in the polluted river, so I held on for dear life.

The family was quite happy to have a new addition to their door.

Ran across 8 lanes of traffic to get this picture up.

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