Saturday, April 16, 2011

Homeschool x 9 The Paco Projects

The Paco Projects.
It has a reputation for violence and because it is set next to a highway with traffic that is almost always congested, they are also know for carjackings.
I have been there almost 10 times now and have been shown nothing but respect and kindness. They help me put up some of these photos and I promised to return to teach the children.
Raymart, the guy in all red, is the guy you need to know in these parts. He was very excited that the children were going to be taught.
Unfortunatly for me he also had his game face on later in the day and
hit the game winning shot on me. Nash is getting old.

The front of the projects

Thug Life and Homer Simpson shorts

Entrance to the back. It took some courage the first time I entered. Many of the people who were there playing pool were also on meth and didn't really know what to think of the white dude with the goofy smile on his face. Broke the ice with some jokes then it was all good.

Showin love

Raymart and his crew came early to set up and left late. Really good people who explained to me that they just want to see the next generation reach their full potential.

Despite the rainy day, the kids were not detoured and found plastic to sit on and draw.

Raymart and the crew. I often get text messages from these guys early in the morning wishing me a good day and God bless.

Paco Projects Tropa

5 kgs of spaghetti and....

They devoured it!

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