Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Golden Mosque

Tucked away amongst obscure back alleys and illegal DVD stalls stands one of Manila's only mosques. The Golden Mosque. The people were welcoming as I explained that I would like to quickly check the place out and take some photographs. A quick trip turned into 6 hours, talking with the people and exploring the surroundings.

Here's Mohamed, one of the smartest people I have met. We sat down for a couple of hours and cut it up. We talked about everything from foreign policies of different countries, my travels in the Middle East, Bin Laden and most importantly why Lebron James complains so much to the refs. I had no logical answer for the last one.

These are the homes that are scattered across from the mosque. The majority of the residents are from the rural provinces and the Muslim dominated island of Mindanao.

Mohamed invited me in for evening prayers. Getting washed up before heading in.

I hung out on the outside and took a few pics of the night. Thanks to all who made me feel welcome.

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