Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bangladesh Fr8 Yards

The train yards; the only place in the country that I felt truly relaxed had a great time walking the tracks and in between lines. I feel calm and a sense of peace always comes across when I am in the train yards, no matter if its in Saskatchewan, LA, Iran or in this case, Bangladesh. 

The Dhaka train yards.

Leaving Dhaka, I kept leaning out of the train to get a better photo of the chaos right outside the train. I continued leaning out to try and get closer to the action until a man warned me that people have been pulled off the train and if I wasn't careful, someone will pull me off of the train by the camera that was strapped around my neck. 

There was always so much action going on everywhere in Bangladesh. I had a closer look at this photo and really enjoyed the two boys pulling a Slum Dog Millionaire and riding on top of this train near the front of it. 

This kid hops trains from city to city running through the cars collecting the plastic bottles, getting off at the next stop and doing the same thing on the train ride home. 

Jacked up

The Dhaka yards

Between the lines, this also double as the largest outdoor toilet in Srimongral. 

Tic Tac, Theory and Rove gettin up in Dhaka

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