Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chittagong's Markets

Funky smells, chaotic streets, vibrant colors are all trade marks of any good Asian street market, but here in Chittagong the people were very warm and welcoming and took a great interest in what I was doing. This basically gave me an all access pass to explore the markets.

6:30 AM and the chaos begins

Being a coastal city dried fish stalls were everywhere. Cant say I was a fan.
-Side note. Chittagong has recently had their port status upgraded from very dangerous, to dangerous, bonus.

Selling beetle nut and cigarettes 

A typical scene on any street in Bangladesh. Chickens for sale with a guy walking in sweltering heat with a very heavy basket on his head. 

I really liked this shirt so.....

We made a straight up trade to the cheering spectators 

Couldn't figure out what this was

Fried sweets

Beetle nut leaves

Had to post one of this guy who basically showed me every cut of meat in the entire market and posed beside each

One of the rarest establishments in Bangladesh, and the only place to buy liquor outside of the 5 star hotels. Nothing like a warm beer after a photo day in +35.

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