Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Faces of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the only country in the world that the people took more pictures of me than I did of them. 
The Bangladeshi people were very friendly, outgoing and very curious about, well everything. Since not to many foreigners come to the country the people are very interested in why someone would go and what their deal is. 

Caught this pre cricket swing, he stroked one out of the park soon after this.

 This was at the end of the day as he finished carrying massive sacks of concrete mix across a field to a river to be picked up by a boat. He is 16 years old and works 7 days a week doing heavy manual labor.

The bakers. The temperatures outside were +35, inside it was extremely hot. Smiles and attitude all around.

He is standing in the bottom of the trench that he and his brother dug by hand to collect water for his crops. 

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