Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nature to the City Streets: Bangladesh Paste

The stark contrast between nature and city that was lacking for my photographs in Sri Lanka was found on the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong. No matter where I went in the country huge crowds would gather to lend a helping hand. 

It took a good 20 minutes for the crowd to disperse in order to get a photograph with no one in it.

While walking through the Dhaka train yards to catch the train to Chittagong, I noticed this car parked on the tracks. I asked someone who seemed like he had the authority to grant me permission to paste if it would be alright to put my photograph on the train. He told me to wait around for 20 minutes while he asked. Since my train left in 20 minutes, and lacking the patience to wait for a yes, I took my chances, jumped down on the tracks (avoiding multiple pieces of human feces) and started to paste the photo.

Next thing I know I had multiple hands helping me and hundreds of curious eyes watching it all go down.

When I was finished pasting the photograph, I turned around to this crowd of people watching my every move. 

At the brick yards outside of Chittagong.

On the streets of Dhaka.

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